Hi Karel,

I loved your show today, and you are calling it all exactly correctly.

By the way, what we are seeing in the media surrounding the Gop is crazy. In this case, it’s the ‘storm’ before the calm, before this election year is over.

The reason it all seems so ‘crazy’, is because it is. It simply cannot be made any sense of at all, all the shenanigans and blatant lies that are going on around and within the Gop. It’s like a windstorm or tornado of bs. Just like we see Trump who changes like the wind, and who does not care at all about what is being said or plagerized, or if it is even truthful. They’ll say anything just to confuse the masses.

A purposeful and totally disgraceful distortion of the Truth. That is the tactic that is being used to create confusion in the hopes of misleading others into voting for them.

Thanks for staying on point, and speaking truth to power as we are also trying to do the same. And your right, it is absolutely not funny at all anymore, because if this dude wins, the joke is going to be on us.

He is an insult to all our intelligences, and he needs to be called out time and time again, on the carpet, at every turn of events, until this Election Cycle is done, and Hillary is IN, we certainly hope!

I just hope the other progressive voices out there continue to do the same as you. I am doing it too, just to keep my sanity straight. No bs talk tolerated here. Most of my friends know that about me.

Best Regards,