Dorian Awards the Answer to #OscarSoStraight
GALECA Picks Winners; Carol Tops List

Cate Blanchett in Caro Used By Permission

I was honored years ago now to be approached to be a member of the Gay and Lesbian Critics Association, or GALECA. Since year one I’ve watched the awards and organization grow; today it’s over 130-plus members are almost triple in number, not to mention prestigious outlets, as the Hollywood Foreign Press and the Golden Globes.

The annual Dorian Awards have a sprit of fun and strive to recognize unsung heroes as well as major achievements either in GLBT film, characters in film, endeavors by members of the community or programming that permeates culture across the board, gay, bi, non-gay or otherwise.

This year is no exception. A big winner is the Cate Blanchett drama Carol as she takes the Dorian for Best Actress in a Film, Todd Haynes, the film’s director takes Director of the Year and the Film receives the overall Film of the Year as well. The only openly gay person involved in that list is Haynes, but Dorians all around!


The rest of the GALECA Dorian Winners are:

Film Actor: Leonardo Dicaprio, The Revenant
Film of the Year: Carol
Director of the Year: Todd Haynes, Carol
Film Actress: Cate Blanchett, Carol
LGBTQ Film: Carol
Foreign Language Film: Son of Saul
Screenplay of the Year: Carol
Documentary: Amy
Visually Striking: Mad Max: Fury Road
Unsung Film: Tangerine
Campy Flick: Magic Mike XXL
TV Drama: Fargo & Orange is the New Black (TIE)
TV Comedy: Transparent
TV Actor: Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent
TV Actress: Taraji P. Henson, Empire
LGBTQ Show: Transparent
Unsung TV Show: Looking
TV Current Affairs Show: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Campy TV Show: Empire
TV Musical Performance:  Aretha Franklin
We’re Wilde About You: Alicia Vikander
Wilde Wit: Amy Schumer
Wilde Artist: Todd Haynes
Timeless: Jane Fonda (previously announced)

I’d like to say all the ones I voted for won, but they didn’t. But as a voting member, I”m not displeased.

Which brings me to the Oscar controversy. In this list of nominees this year, there is just as much a lack of openly gay actors in any roles. Blanchett is up for Carol and is not an out lesbian. Not that she need be to play the part, but filmmakers in 2015 did not cast openly gay actors in meaty roles so they could get awards. And films with openly gay themes other than Carol didn’t get the major studio love, budget and promotions to bring them to the voting members of the Academy. This lack of diversity is, in part, why the Dorian Awards were started; to recognize outstanding work in film and TV by members of the GLBT community or acknowledge positive themed films or inclusive television. And, to have some fun. I mean, Magic Mike XXL winning any award this season has got to be some fun.

So while Oscar struggles with diversity, GALECA’s Dorian Awards are getting it right by honoring good work from a broad spectrum of entertainment with a very gay twist.

The awards are handed out at a later date at a small ceremony. At least for now. I can see this becoming more fun than the Globes for the stars to attend.

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