Karel Cast Tue Feb 13 Here Poor People, Eat This!

Trump thinks Food Stamp recipients should get, well, food, instead. Is the idiot right? Plus, the portrait matters, the movie matters, if all this matters so much, why are things still so bad? listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Feb 12 America, We’ve Got Trust Issues

Perhaps a country born out of contempt and distrust for a King could never trust its own government, or each other.

Trust Issues Abound in the USA: The basics
I don’t trust the water, and billions are spent buying what we already pay to purify. The basics. Water.

The Olympics: Why I no longer care

#MeToo suing the company on behalf of the employees…victims, facilliatorators or both?
An Aetna director says never looked at records when approving or denying care, we don’t trust doctors, insurance companies. This is why. And what should happen to him?

Why we want more of the Lion story.

Karel Cast Fri Feb 9 Soulless Party? Nope. Misguided Leaders? Yup.

The dystopian events keep piling up…either young people and minorities save us in 2018 at the ballot box, or progressives, and the United States, are done. Happy Friday

Manny, Gio, and the transportation debate. Plus, kids and dogs on bikes!

What is the soul of the Democratic Party and why don’t they know? It’s you. It’s me. It already has a soul. They’re just not listening.

If race doesn’t matter, why does the first BLACK super hero Marvel big budget film market it like it does. Why do critics treat it like it does. BECAUSE IT DOES. Race matters. Sexuality matters. Who we ARE matters.

Karel Cast Thu Feb 8 Kylie, Quincy and TBT

Kylie Jenner is 20. her, her baby, her beau, social media stars. When her child is in high school, she’ll be 35. Is that too young? Or just right?

More on #MeToo : Will this become the next mass shooting story, meaning, they become so common we no longer really care?

Quincy tells all and I agree with him plus Trump’s Hair send the world’s tongue wagging, but what about the fact he wants a dictator’s parade and may get it?

Throw Back Thursday: Stories from the past…

Karel Cast Wed Feb 7 Bad Time to Be a Man

We all know it’s never really been a good time to be a woman, but is turnabout fair play, or just plain mean? Any man, any where, that has an accusation brought against him is dismissed as guilty, step down, move over, get out. Really? Plus house shopping and is Kylie Jenner too young? Listen daily at reallykarel.com and donate at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Tue Feb 6 Beyond the Headlines

It appears the US in particular is having the wrong conversations about many of its headlines, so Karel sets all that right today in this show about NFL players and illegals, opioids and Kelly Anne and working in SF and living in one’s car. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Mon Feb 5 Was the Bowl That Super?

17 million people stayed home today because of a game, and we can’t get people to go vote on a Tuesday? Karel has a lot to say about the Super Bowl and its commercials, but more importantly, why it is the perfect US Holiday. Also, a life ends, a new one yet to begin, Americans by the millions are starting over. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Fri Feb 2 Thank Goodness He Released it now!

Donald Trump had chosen to leak a FBI memo, worse than Hillary every did, and here’s why. Plus, here’s why it’s a good thing. And it’s super bowl weekend and almost 17 million will do this. Plus a letter that may make YOU cry this time. Listen daily at reallykarel.com watch weekly on Free Speech TV and lifeinsegments.com and support at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Thu Feb 1 Immigration is NOT a Problem

Here’s the truth, there really aren’t enough dreamers, DACA, etc, to worry about…numerically. Out of 310 million Americans there are allegedly less than three percent undocumented. Three percent for all our time? The math of America does not add up to the priorities of the government or the people. Plus, Karel is fed up, and is going to tell you why. Listen daily at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Wed Jan 31 It’s Not The Speech, It’s What Happened Next

The state of the union address last night was one of the longest in history. As the Oligarch bloviated, it wasn’t the message that was important. It was what came next. Plus a frank conversation about #MeToo and Mark Calling that you may not want to hear…and Karel has an Uber dilemma. Listen daily at reallykarel.com

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