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Karel Cast Wed Apr 11 Ryan Out, Boehner Turns to Pot, It’s The End

That’s it. the world is over. Ryan is NOT running, he’s out? But he got his budget? Why? Plus John Boehner has turned to pot? Really? That’s it, it’s the end. Plus, Karel’s had win. 8.3 ounces to be precise. Why? Listen daily at reallykarel.com and join karel at togetherwith.me

Karel Cast Mon Apr 9 NAB Begins, Trump Tweets, Tower Burns

The NAB Conference begins in vegas, but has Tech usurped content? Media message? Also, The Trump Tower burns, and a man dies that didn’t want to live there. First Presidential Casualty? Listen daily at all streaming services, watch on Youtube.com/reallykarel and get the dedicated app.

Karel Cast Thu April 5 Missing the Point Again on Opiods

Surgeon general says carry Narcan, FDA says Opioids biggest problem facing FDA, and all are wrong. I bet none have ever taken opioids. I have. And I’ll tell you the truth, again. Plus #VeganNotes and and was to get great stuff! Listen daily at reallykarel.com and join in at togetherwith.me

Karel Cast Wed Apr 4 A Woman Goes Rogue

A woman goes rogue, a rare event, and her eating habits are to blame? Really? Plus new numbers to amaze and depress and we are all being rated! Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support a new social network at togetherwith.me

Karel Cast Tue Apr 3 #MeStill

You know, every day we struggle with the option of counting the blessings, or letting even the mundane send us over the edge. Because abuse of all kind has been and still is everywhere. Plus Food has turned me in to an as*/hole according to Karen. Listen to reallykarel.com and join in with a new group of very social people at togetherwith.me

Karel Cast Wed Mar 28 Black Eyes and Rosanne Soars

I have a black eye, and since no one really believes how I got it, I think I’ll make up stories. Plus Rosanne soars and shows a politically divided nation and families, but should we be validating the “other side…” Listen daily at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Mon Mar 26 Stormy Monday Indeed

Well, Stormy told the world about Donald’s Trump. Big deal, this is the only person who should care. Plus, we are dot screwed and Karel will tell you why. Listen daily at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Thu March 22nd Rainy Days and Thursdays

Relaxing, taking a breath, is daunting. Because you are left alone with you, your thoughts, classical music, chocolate, tea, a puppy, wait, it’s heaven. Plus, Expensive Eating with Vox, 12 foods not to miss, and rainy day songs.

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