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VIDEO: The Karel Cast Fri Oct 27 When Empathy Runs Out

Last night, after going to bed, Karel had to get up to remove a homeless person and their mattress from in front of the garage so his roommate could leave. He did so armed, and the fear is, he’s about to snap like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. Is he? And why? Plus the Seven Deadly Sins and how America is founded on them. Listen daily at and all streaming services and support the show at

VIDEO: Karel Cast Thu Oct 26 Scared in the USA

Halloween is approaching, and we talk to Jill Gonzalez from WalletHub about the best and worst cities in the USA for the 2nd biggest holiday. Plus, it’s been a frightening week in Trumptonia, where even members of the GOP felt a need to state the obvious while still doing nothing to stop it. Listen daily at 1200 at

VIDEO: Karel Cast Mon Oct 23 A Dog’s Nose Plus Power and Sex

We think we know dogs, but we don’t. New York Times Bestseller Alexandra Horowitz joins us to talk dogs, plus dogs of another kind, those in power, and sex. Can it EVER be stopped? Listen daily at 1200 PST at and support a show, ok?

VIDEO: Karel Cast Fri Oct 20 What a F’ing Week!

Every week in America, the absurdities pile on…but is the weekend enough to decompress now that the news cycle is never-ending. And why is MSNBC in the prison business? Listen daily at 1200 PST at

VIDEO: Karel Cast Thu Oct 19 3rd Leading Cause of Death Is? Plus Most Famous Dog

Yesterday, Karen argued with me about doctors and the medical industry. I told her it was killing more people than many diseases. Yes, medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the USA. Plus, who is the most famous dog in the world, I know! Listen daily at the new and watch the show at 1200 PST.

Karel Cast Wed Oct 18 Was Going To Do A Show, And Then I Got High

Was going to clean my room, then I got high. Was going to walk my dog, and then I got high. Was going to do my show, and then…you get the point! Why is America getting so high? I know, it’s America the Embarrassed, and should be. Listen daily at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Tue Oct 17 Music, Movies, So Much But So Little?

With all the choices i streaming, listening devices, viewing devices, are you listening more, or less? Are you watching more, or less? Is too much, well, too much? Karel visits Oscar and Connie and goes through their TV with them, they were overwhelmed by the choices. Are you? Plus, what’s on the menu today? What are you eating? Why? Listen daily at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Mon Oct 16 Mindhunter and Heroes

More and more stories are coming out about NorCal heroes, including Odin, the dog. But will these stories be the exception, or the rule? How bad is the fire threat in CA now? Plus, Karel Binges Mindhunters, and loves every minute.

Karel Cast Tue Oct 10 Above the Smoke, Plus Oh Harvey

It’s a never ending cycle of doom, so how do we deal? Plus, Harvey Weistein and the culture of victims. Listen daily at 1200 PST at

Karel Cast Wed Oct 11 It’s Happened, And It Ends Today

It can happen to anyone in today’s America; and somehow, it’s happened to Karel. But it ends today, all with the shouting by one man on one corner. Plus, more on Weistein, as Karel appears to be the only one in Hollywood he didn’t come on to and he’s not happy about that. Listen daily at 1200 PST at

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