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Karel Cast Tue Sept 4 Political Theatre and $25 Million for what?


As the Kavenaugh hearings begin it’s all just theatrics and Karel tells you why. Plus, $25 million for WHAT? Would you ever? Listen in and see! Visit subscribe at and support the show at



Karel Cast Tue Aug 28 America Today Is Kind Of…

John McCain is Dead. Lindsay Graham is crying on the Senate Floor. Trump could care less. Two thirds of us are…this. It’s all very….Yes, I tell you with a voice oh-so-gone. Enjoy the rest of your week, there will be best-of shows until Tuesday Sept.4th for Holiday Week and vocal recovery.


Karel Cast Mon Aug 27 On Legacies and McCain

John McCain is gone, and I had dealings with him a few times. Thoughts? Plus, what is the legacy of men such as him. And Karel’s voice is gone, so, listen as he tries to comment on more.



Karel Cast Mon Aug 20 Simple Question, Who Is The Real Enemy

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A recent poll asked Republicans whether the Press was the enemy of the People, or necessary to Democracy. You can guess the results. So when do we turn it around and make it a truthful question. I do, today. Listen.


Karel Cast Thu Aug 16 The Day Our Soul Died

As Aretha passes from pancreatic cancer, we loose our soul. But we lost our humanity some time ago, and Karel knows why. Listen to this emotional send off to a legend.

Karel Cast Wed Aug 15 We Are No Longer Interested In Being This

We are many things in today’s world, but there’s one thing we are not. Karel discovers it when walking in the park with Tyler, the dogs and Trump supporters who think Omarosa is an Obama plant. Lessons learned daily at and

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