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Karel Cast Thu Jan 15 Dreams New, Others Not Realized

It’s MLK Day and what does that mean as Trump golfs? Plus the bigger issues of the Hawaii scare, It’s not luck, it’s life, Immigration, CVS and Facebook is, actually, evil, and now people agree. Like,the original investors. Listen daily at and support the show at


Karel Cast Thu Jan 12 Shithole in Distress is…US !

On this Friday we look at the aftermath of the Liar in Chief’s recent statement about Shitholes, and what qualifies as one. Plus, our biggest fear is that he EXEMPLIFIES half of America’s values, does he? Listen daily at and support the show at

Karel Cast Wed Dec 20 Lumps of Coal all Around!

A few days before Christmas and they hand the country to the one percent? Plus, moving to Vegas is now a thing and where is all the Holiday joy this year? Listen daily to Karel at in the dedicated app and at your favorite streaming service.

VIDEO: Karel Cast Fri Nov 3 Where is the Wonder?

Karel’s been appreciating a lot more recently and wonders, where is the wonder? We are so busy hating everything, that we can no longer see the wonder in so much around us. Also, The Sonos Play 1 arrives and we unbox it. Is it easy to set up? We’ll see. Remember, Karel is on Vocal Rest all next week, back Nov. 13.

VIDEO: Karel Cast Thursday Nov 2 California More Uaffordable Than Ever, Tax Code Won’t Care

1-As California becomes more unaffordable, will Republicans kill housing interest tax credit and destroy the middle class home dream?

2-Astros win, but I don’t get organized sports…truly. Million dollar salaries to play a game, no allegiance to any city or team any more…what’s the attraction?

3- Change …

4-Really Delta? Get over it! What’s more abusive on an airline? Someone quietly, and discreetly, having oral sex, or…crying babies, bad service, horrible snacks or food if you’re lucky, no leg room, no perks, being treated like cattle. But sex is a felony? Come on.

Video: Karel Cast Wed Nov 1 Get Smarter, or Get Left Behind

November 1st, the month of my birth. This morning I recorded an hour show that may never be heard, but the point? We all need to be doing things smarter. Like:

1: Smarter about Terror and The President: NYC: Allah Akbar. God is great. Who cares what an insane person shouts, or their reasons. Why do Arabs, Muslims in particular, get the blame for what radicals and crazies do in their name. More Christian Americans kill other Americans every day than any Islamic. Why are we vilifying Arabs so much? Why do we hate them. Because they hate us? They don’t. No more than we hate each other.

2 Smarter about Sexual Harassment

3 Smarter about dogs, and our relationship with animals

4 Smarter about the upcoming time change, as Maine moves to stop theirs.

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