Karel Cast Tue Mar 6 Slap This 20 y/o and Arrest That Idot

A 20 year old wants to sue Walmart and Dicks because they won’t sell him an AR 15 until he’s 21. Is he also suing Jack Daniel’s. We make age rules all the time, or 12 year olds would vote. STFU. Plus, arrest that Trump aide, please and new opiod data shows what I know. and everything I know of love, I learned from him, and everything I know of life, I learned from …. listen daily at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Wed Feb 28 Sessions Right? Plus 3ThenFree

Could Jeff Sessions possibly be right about one thing? What is it? We’ll tell you. Plus Karel shares stories from #3ThenFree and tells you what you need for tomorrow to begin! And Streisand cloned her pets, would you, REALLY? Karen would…would I? Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show at Patreon and GoFund me.

Karel Cast Tue Feb 6 Beyond the Headlines

It appears the US in particular is having the wrong conversations about many of its headlines, so Karel sets all that right today in this show about NFL players and illegals, opioids and Kelly Anne and working in SF and living in one’s car. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support at patreon.com/karel

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