Karel Cast Thu Feb 15 Tired Of Coddling Idiots

There should be no debate today. Anyone that doesn’t think AR 15s should be banned by Sundown is an idiot wrapping himself in a Amendment to a Document they’ve never read. THere’s a lot of coddling, of tolerating, why? Listen today at 11am at or anytime.

Karel Cast Thu Feb 1 Immigration is NOT a Problem

Here’s the truth, there really aren’t enough dreamers, DACA, etc, to worry about…numerically. Out of 310 million Americans there are allegedly less than three percent undocumented. Three percent for all our time? The math of America does not add up to the priorities of the government or the people. Plus, Karel is fed up, and is going to tell you why. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Wed Jan 31 It’s Not The Speech, It’s What Happened Next

The state of the union address last night was one of the longest in history. As the Oligarch bloviated, it wasn’t the message that was important. It was what came next. Plus a frank conversation about #MeToo and Mark Calling that you may not want to hear…and Karel has an Uber dilemma. Listen daily at

Karel Cast Monday Jan 22 Back In Business, So What…

Our government dysfunction is at an all time visible high as the shutdown is on again and off again, and Karel has a lot to say about it. Plus, what do you do when loving, caring family members believe really stupid stuff? Listen daily at or in the Karel Cast app at . your $5 monthly subscription at really helps.

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