Karel Cast Thu Oct 4 Tomorrow Coudl Be a Horrible Day

Will they really, truly do it? We talk about it.


Stop Being an Idiot! This is the battle cry for this show, and you’ll see why.



Karel Cast Tue Oct 2 Pity the Poor Old White Souls

Oh, it’s a dangerous time in America indeed, especially for these. But is it really? Or are they just ginning up more hatred and division? Plus, more opiod stories prove Karel’s point: There is NO opiod crisis in America.

Karel Cast Mon Oct 1 A Sad Day In Sad Times

It was a year ago just five miles from here shots rang out. Oct 1 is a big day here in Las Vegas. Plus, women, all I can say is I’m sorry as Kavanaugh moves towards a vote.

Karel Cast Fri Sep 28 We Awaken An Abused Nation

Yesterday, a Supreme Court nominee showed he was a partisan liar under oath and in front of the world, suggesting democratic conspiracies all while lying about his youth. He beat up the Senators and America, and now, he will be rewarded. Today we all feel abused and like all is lost. Is it?


Karel Cast Tue Sep 25 Laughing At, Not WIth, Plus $2.1 Billion For?


Our Country, and President, was laughed at on the world stage today at the United Nations. And then, Kavanaugh and…well…Cosby and Nation Pervs. Plus, forget Coonanan, Kohs just killed Versace.

Karel Cast Mon Sep 24 Kavanaugh: A One Man Assault Squad?

Another day, another accuser…why is this man still in nomination? What is it about him? Plus, there is a plague going on and it’s getting worse. Karel tells you what it is. Support the show at

Karel Cast Thu Sep 20 America is in Wash, Rinse, Repeat


It was 1988. Tracy Chapman released an album that touched us all. Yet, the songs, they lyrics are more relevant now than ever. So why haven’t we learned over the last 30 years?



Karel Cast Wed Sep 19 They Want A Coke And Pubic Hair


It appears the Senate wants the details or they are moving ahead with the vote. Screw the FBI and if he tried to screw you, so what. If he were an actor, he’d be fired. But Supreme Court? Plus Bert and Ernie are…

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