1. The President. Not my president. And Trump was right about one thing, wrong about the rest.

2: Mariah and the ugliness of some Americans / work mess-ups

3. Law & Order SVU: My obsession: Questions: Force medicate? Kill? What do we do with monsters?

4 Advice from old people

<strong>Trump was right, we need to drain the swamp and rebuild. He was wrong about what needs to be drained. Plus, Mariah had sound issues….and? Law and Order SVU Lessons from Benson and Stabler. And Advice from Old People you don’t want to miss. Be sure to support the show at <a href=”http://www.patreon.com/karel“>Patreon</a> And visit the website <a href=”http://www.reallykarel.com”>ReallyKarel</a></strong><hr>