March 10, 2017, Long Beach, CA — “I’m so excited to be a part of this innovative, and much needed, platform,” Karel stated when asked recently about the addition of all three seasons of his reality / talk show “Life In Segments” to the new GLBT Network being hailed as the “Gay Netflix” by the industry, Revry TV. “Netflix is so busy with their own content, they have gradually removed a lot of the GLBT films and series and they don’t seem to be creating any with overriding GLBT themes, so Revry is picking up and expanding on the possibilities of an online network for everyone but with a gay sensibility and GLBT programming accessibility.”

All 39 episodes appear on the platform and Karel has plans for Seasons Four and Five already in production. The series originally debuted on Free Speech TV and VOD through Vimeo but, like so much of Karel’s career, didn’t have a specific GLBT outlet.

“I’ve done mainstream media for so long, it’s nice to have a home that’s GLBT based. The guys (and gals) at Revry are great, and I think the platform has nothing but potential. I look forward to producing more content for them in the future.

Check out the show, which tackles life from all angles, from eating on $!5 a day to our pets, traveling to Ireland for the Marriage Referendum or out riding motorcycles, the show is a mixture of entertaining, informative and relevant segments hosted as only the outrageous Karel can. He brings 25 years of talk radio, TV appearances, stage and writing to weekly TV that has everyone talking. See why. Visit for more and Revry is available at your favorite App Store or email