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Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

Pants Bliss, Eddie McGuinness and Kellie Maloney guests

Episode: 2.02
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Karel: Life In Segments
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Today’s #ItsYourWorld Ireland After the Referendum

SEGMENT 1 #ItsYourWorld #ObamaPlaza
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On Location On our Bus, Celtic Rider from Dublin to Lisdoonvarna
Obama Plaza, Moneygal

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#ItsYourWorld Trans Issues with Kellie Maloney, author, Frankly
Kellie, Becoming a Woman in a Man’s World
SEGMENT 2 #ItsYourWorld #Ireland
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On Location Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland
GUEST: Kellie Maloney, Former Boxing Promoter, Trans Activist

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#ItsYourWorld She’s the European RuPaul and She’s Grand
LOCATION: Lisdoonvarana, Co Clare, Ireland
GUEST: Panti

SEGMENT 3 #ItsYourWorld #Ireland
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On Location Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare Ireland
GUEST: Panti

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#ItsYourWorld Meet Eddie McGuinness

SEGMENT 4 #ItsYourWorld #Ireland
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On Location Hydro Hotel, Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland
GUEST: Eddie McGuinness

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#The Karel Cast from Lisdoonvarna, Ireland

SEGMENT 5 #theKarelCast #Ireland
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On Location The Outing.ie Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare

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S2 E1.02
Segment 1: #ItsYourWorld #Ireland
Karel is WRONG it’s Lis-Doon-VAR-na
Being Gay became legal in 1993.
Lisdoonvarna takes its name from “LIOS DUIN BHEARNA” the lios or
enclosure of the fort in the gap.
Lisdoonvarna is the only active spa town in Ireland
September was, and still is, the peak month of the holiday season
in the region.
With the harvest safely in, bachelor farmers flocked to
Lisdoonvarna in search of wives (and now same sex couples as
TheOuting.ie Is in it’s third year, adding a GLBT inclusive theme
to the final matchmaking festival.

Moneygall (Irish: Muine Gall, meaning “foreigners’ thicket”) is
small village located in the centre of Ireland
‘The Irish helped forge the very promise of America….Irish hands
have signed our founding documents and fought in our wars. They’ve
helped build our greatest cities. Through tragedy and triumph,
despite bigotry and hostility, and against all odds, the Irish
created a place for themselves in the American story.’ – President
Barack Obama..
July 4th 2014 was the day the President Barack Obama Visitor
Centre was opened in Moneygall,
President Obama visited his distant family home in a village of
320 people in 2011.
The center is in Co. Offaly and is a service station and food
It is just off junction 23 on the M7 motorway linking Dublin and
The €7 million ($9.5m) development, owned by Pat and Una McDonagh,
is considered to be one of the biggest investments in the midlands
in recent years.
The center is for tourists who wish to learn more about Obama’s
connections to Moneygall as well as the links of 22 former U.S.
presidents to Ireland.
Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny paid a brief visit to the
center on opening day. “We are always supportive of keeping our
connections with the United States alive,” he said.
President Obama’s great-great-great grandfather Falmouth Kearney,
left Moneygall as a 19-year-old to emigrate to the U.S.
The Barack Obama Plaza employs 85 people.
The development by Pat and Una McDonagh, owners of Ireland’s
Supermac’s chain of restaurants, is intended to provide an
educational experience focused on Irish-American history
Henry Healy, one of Obama’s closest Irish relatives, is the
manager of Barack Obama Plaza.
Over 200,000 Irish showed up to welcome President Obama in 2011;
one of the largest turnouts for any visiting dignitary ever.
There is a positive global opinion about President Obama. The
worse rhetoric about him comes from the Middle East and the U.S.
In the 2016 Presidential race Republicans have already compared
President Obama to a war criminal, a communist, a racist and a
On March 17, 2015, or St. Patrick’s Day, President Obama met with
Ireland’s Prime Minister Taoiseach Kenny to discuss the strong
bond between the two countries
Obama on Ireland: This is a nation that met its responsibilities —
and inspired the entire world — by choosing to see past the scars
of violence and mistrust to forge a lasting peace on this island.
Kellie Maloney was born Fancis “Frank” Maloney in 1953 in Peckham,
Surrey to Irish Parents.
As Frank Maloney, he managed and promoted Lennox Lewis to the
Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World
In 2015 Maloney announced he was a trans individual and wanted to
be referred to as Kellie
As Frank, he was called a homophobe and a racist for his anti-gay
comments. Kellie has now accepted that the statements were wrong,
and a mistake.
Maloney has been married to women several times and has three
In July of 2015 Ireland passed a law that Transgender people can
change their legal gender based on self-identification alone,
without medical or state intervention.
There have been calls in the United States for us to adopt a law
such as Ireland’s.
In the United States over 30 states are arguing over bathroom
rights and which Trans people should use.
In the US Transgendered people are not a federally protected
There are only 19 states in the United States with Trans equality
Panti (Rory O’Neill)
‘Panti’ is short for ‘Pandora Panti Bliss
Panti danced on stage in Japan with Cyndi Lauper during her 1994
Twelve Deadly Cyns Tour
Rory O’Neill, also known by his stage name as Panti or Panti Bliss
is a drag queen and gay rights activist from Ballinrobe, County
Mayo, Ireland.
O’Neill grew up in Ballinrobe, County Mayo and went to art college
in Dún Laoghaire.
O’Neill talked about being diagnosed as HIV-positive in 1995 on
RTE Radio 1
Panti has become the premiere drag performer in Ireland and his
fame is spreading rapidly internationally.
The critically acclaimed “The Queen of Ireland” film chronicles
his life and fight for the marriage referendum.
From 1996 to 2012, Panti was the hostess of the annual Alternative
Miss Ireland pageant
Panti regularly hosts the annual Dublin Pride celebrations
On 30 November 2007, he opened the self-titled ‘Pantibar’ in
On 11 January 2014, O’Neill appeared on RTÉ’s The Saturday Night
Show with Brendan O’Connor where they discussed homophobia and
O’Neill alleged that some individuals involved in Irish journalism
were homophobic.
Those mentioned threatened RTÉ and O’Neill with legal action and
Panti-Gate was born.
RTÉ subsequently removed that section of the interview from their
online archive
On 25 January episode of the Saturday Night Show, O’Connor issued
a public apology on behalf of RTÉ to those mentioned by O’Neill in
the interview
RTÉ paid monies to those named by O’Neill
The incident was also discussed in the European Parliament with
Irish MEP Paul Murphy, calling the payout “a real attack on the
freedom of speech.”
RTÉ’s head of television defended the €85,000 payout stating that
it saved RTÉ “an absolute multiple” in the long term
On 1 February 2014, O’Neill (as Panti) gave a Noble Call speech at
the Abbey Theatre in response
The speech was a triumph for Panti and became one of the most
streamed videos garnering over 200,000 views in the first two
The speech was described as “the most eloquent Irish speech” in
almost 200 years by Fintan O’Toole
In March 2014, English electronic pop duo Pet Shop Boys released
the speech, backed with their music, as “Oppressive (The Best Gay
O’Neill’s first book is Woman in the Making: A memoir, Rory
O’Neill, 2014, Hachette Books Ireland
Eddie McGuinness
Eddie McGuinness has been an activist for over 30 years as an
openly gay publisher, entertainer and promoter.
McGuinness published one of the first and one of the largest GLBT
publications just nine years after legalization.
McGuinness turned his Magazine free! In to a TV program that aired
McGuinness was Press Officer & Marketing and Events Chair of
Dublin Pride Festival for five years
TheOuting.ie Was started in 2012 as a move towards GLBT equality
and visibility in Ireland, particularly rural, by Eddie McGuinness
and Rory O’Neill (Panti).
Lisdoonvarna has hosted matchmaking for hundreds of years, but in
2012 it was the first time GLBT members had a chance to
participate openly.
McGuinness is the only person Panti licenses his likeness to for
McGuinness’ activism increased around the marriage referendum and
he actively campaigned
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Keep repeating that every few.
Ireland is the second largest island in the British Isles, the
20th on Earth
5/6ths of the island is the Republic of Ireland; 1/6th Northern
Humans arrived in Ireland in 8000 BC.
Ireland was Christianized since the 5th Century.
Irish culture has had a significant influence on other cultures,
especially in the fields of literature
There are approximately 4.5 Million Irish residents, with Dublin
being the most heavily populated area.
Traditionally, Ireland is subdivided into four provinces: Connacht
(west), Leinster (east), Munster (south), and Ulster (north).
Ireland has 32 traditional counties.
Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland with over 1/2
million residents.
A population of over 8 million in 1841 was reduced to slightly
more than 4 million by 1921. In part due to death from the Great
Famine of 1845 to 1852
Pub means Public House and they served as a larger, central
meeting place for a town’s residents
Since the 20th century the Irish pubs worldwide have become
outposts of Irish culture.
The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest continuous road in the North
There are three World Heritage Sites on the island: the Brú na
Bóinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant’s Causeway.
Some of the most visited sites in Ireland include Bunratty Castle,
the Rock of Cashel, the Cliffs of Moher, Holy Cross Abbey and
Blarney Castle.
Dublin is the most heavily touristed region.
The Guinness Storehouse at St. James Gate brews all the Guinness
consumed in the United States.
The most potent Guinness comes from Northern Africa, Guinness
Foreign Stout. They brew it from a concentrate sent from Ireland.
John Jameson and Son Irish Whiskey Company was founded in 1810
John Jameson was a Scot.
Jameson was one of the six main Dublin Whiskeys; it is now
distilled in Cork.
Politically Ireland is a very liberal country despite strong
Catholic ties.
In 2015 Ireland became the first country in the World to legalize
Same Sex Marriage by a popular vote.
Ireland drinks the second largest amount of tea in the world,
second only to Turkey.
The three most famous symbols of Ireland are the green Shamrock,
the harp, and the Celtic cross.
Halloween traces back its origins to the Gaelic festival of
Samhain, a harvest festival held on 31 October to mark the end of
Irish family names start with “Mac” or “O’…”, which means
respectively “son of …” and “grandson of …” in Gaelic.
Ireland has won seven times the Eurovision Song Contest more than
any other country.
St. Patrick’s Day celebrations started in Boston, MA and then swep
to Ireland.
Dalkey, a suburb of Dublin, is Ireland’s “Beverly Hills”, home to
a number of Irish celebrities
Ireland is a snake-free island
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
was founded in 1824 by Richard Martin, an Irish politician and one
of the first animal rights activists.
Founded in 1745, the Rotunda Hospital in Dublin is the world’s
oldest continuously operating maternity hospital.
The world’s first suburban commuter railway opened between Dublin
and Dun Laoghaire in 1834
Ireland’s oldest pub is Sean’s Bar in Athlone. It was founded some
900 years ago.
The country’s oldest licensed pub is Grace Neill’s Bar in
Donaghadee, established in 1611.
It is estimated that over 80 million people of Irish descent live
outside Ireland
Roughly 34 million Americans reported Irish ancestry
7.3 Million people visited Ireland in 2014, 1.6 Times its
Lonely Planet listed Ireland as the world’s friendliest country
The HuffingtonPost says “there are no friendlier people on
Earth…” OK, I said in the HuffPost.
Galway is the city of Kings, established in 1484 and now has a
lively Jazz and Blues scene