Karel Life In Segments returns to Free Speech TV Friday, November 6, 2015. Air times weekly for 13 weeks will be:

Fridays 8:30 PM PT
Saturdays 4:30 PM PT
Saturdays 10:30 PM PT
Thursdays 1:30 PM PT

That’s four great showings a week of one of the hottest new shows on Free Speech TV.

A live player is embedded below as well as Season 1. Season 2 will post here at the website as it happens.


The show is back on Free Speech TV and we couldn’t be happier. There’s many ways to see it. First, if you have DirecTV, simply tune to channel 348; Dish Network Channel 9415; Roku has a Free Speech channel in their store for free; And of course you can watch here and see if your cable company carries it here FreeSpeech.org

Here is the LiveStream Player of FreeSpeech TV

And here are links and descriptions to the Episodes:

Season 2

Episode 2.03 Karel on Tax Evasion by God, #CookingForthe99 and the #KarelCast

Karel is angry America is missing out on $74 billion plus a special #Cookingforthe99 . After this filming Karel and Pippa and Atilla were hit in on a crosswalk and Pippa was killed.


Episode 2.02 The Outing.ie With Panti Bliss, Eddie McGuinness and Kellie Maloney

Come and join us in Ireland at TheOuting.ie and meet drag diva Panti Bliss, Eddie McGuinness and Kellie Maloney. Each had a voice in the Ireland’s same sex referendum and now are throwing a great annual party in the West. See why it’s so important and visit Ireland with us!

Episode 2.01 Ep. 2.01 Live from Ireland

First, the bus ride over makes Karel reflect on US happenings and then a trip to to the Doolan Caves, where the only visible and third largest stalactite in the Northern Hemisphere can be seen 200 feet under the Earth. Then it’s off to Father Ted’s House, the filming location for an insanely popular cult hit of the same name and back to the King Thurmond Hotel in Lisdoonvarna, Co. Clare, Ireland for a rant about guns and America’s sense of outrage. . This is Part One of a two part Trip to TheOuting.ie



1.13 Ep 1.13 Holistic Help for Pets

Karel begins with two rants for the price of one. First: What’s standing in your way to your goals? Could it be you? And, the solution to big game hunting is simple, Karel shares. Then on #USAnimals Karel takes a look at the multi-billion dollar flea and tick industry, how the EPA is involved and what you’re using on your pets. #TalkGoesTech puts #Sonos to the test. Many older Americans have actually lost music from their lives because they feel they can’t keep up with technology. We take Karen Dittman, 69 year old Grandmother in Texas, and see if she can bring music back to her world with the Sonos Play 1. Music has many therapeutic effects on people and as we age, losing it takes its toll.
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Karel looks at Ireland, this time from a variety of his trips and featuring an unforgettable visit to the Doolaugh Pass.

1.11 Ep 1.11 #MathofAmerica And Gun Rant

Karel looks at the #MathofAmerica from a personal perspective that touches home for everyone; then, Cooking for the 99, how to feed yourself on $15 a day and a Karel Gun Rant on the #KarelCast that you won’t forget!

1.10 https://vimeo.com/133619749

Karel believes the GOP’s time has come and #RantsItOut; plus, #SegmentPet shows us how to make our own pet food and a raucous #TheKarelCast rounds things out on the Summer Blockbuster Phenom with Eric Davis from Fandango.

1.09 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CBcd1adwXE

Porter Gilberg of The Center Long Beach on the Alphabet Soup of GLBT plus a Karel Cast on Truvada and whether PrEP therapy is a good thing or not.

1.08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO6OVwLXwNU

#CannabisCorner Karel takes a look at why cities and states are getting legal cannabis wrong in #CannabisCorner. Jim and Judy Abrams as well as Larry King (not that one) frankly discuss the challenges facing cities like Long Beach, CA and around the country as pot becomes legal in some form. The Karel Cast then takes off in to the hatred that is racism in America in 2015 as another shooting, another day, another uproar and then what?

1.07 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2QaqAd4F98

What the Frack? What the frack is going on under your city when it comes to Fracking? Plus, how to Cut the cable and Karel gets real in the Karel Cast about the drought in CA. Guest include Elliot Gonzales of Stop Fracking Long Beach.

1.06 https://vimeo.com/129944762

Bankrupt in the USA. So many are, or should be. We go to Rodeo Drive with Bankruptcy Attorney Leon Bayer and then we talk Puppy Pre Nups with a family law attorney. Do you need one? Also, Cats of Thrones on how to potty train your kitty because the real cost of Kitty Litter is staggering!

1.05 https://vimeo.com/127990412

#NoPayCoPay goes to CareRite pharmacy in Long Beach to talk with Paul Stephan about how major pharma is making independent pharmacies a thing of the past. #OutAndAbout takes us the Toyota Celebrity Grand Prix of Long Beach to talk about the multi-billion dollar business of celebrity fundraising and #TheKarelCast talks to a Blue Dog Democrat from Texas about what will change if Hillary Clinton becomes the next President of the United States.

1.04 https://vimeo.com/125869093

#Crowdfunding takes center stage as Karel attends the Oz.com opening night, visits with musician Morgan Mallory about his GoFundMe experience and speaks to a rep from Patreon about getting monthly payments for artists in the new age. Plus, the regular Karel Cast rant of course.

1.03 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNrVw2ORYw0

Episode 3 of Life In Segments featuring Gregory Ferron from MyCultureCloset, Amy Brown, Jewels Long Beach, Steve Cabral (DJ ForPlay) and much more!

1.02 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRdCnkCS-t8

Episode two of this ground-breaking reality talk show takes Karel to the Queen Mary to meet Steve Sheldon, then off to Park Howard for dinner with Jewels Long Beach, Steve Cabral and Amy Brown, then singing with Daniel Charleston and Morgan Mallory!

1.01 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a24S5sqfoqI

The Premiere Episode! Jewels Long Beach and much, much more!