Screenshot 2016-04-26 11.18.171. Politicon2. 2. x 2 x 1 (Prince has #1 and #2 album)
3. Sanders, Clinton, VP and how this is the one that did it.
4.Please, for the love of God, stop the bathroom insanity. Please.

World problems? Sure. But do this. Pick two of your favorite all time artists, for me today Diana Ross and Madonna. Then, create a playlist with two of your very favorite albums of theirs. Listen all day. What did you choose? Why? What memories are associated? Are times now good? Or were they better when… Plus we have the founder of Politicon on to talk Election 2016. Be sure to support the show at Patreon And visit the website ReallyKarel

2 x 2 x 1 #2x2x1 Playlist for today:
Madonna: Confessions of a Dancefloor Nonstop mix; Rebel Heart; Diana Ross The Boss; To Love Again.

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