#FeelTheBern indeed as he turns on Hillary just like the right. Why? Plus a video you have to hear to believe. An incredible magician from The Illusionists joins me as it Plays in OC and a Harlem Church is filled with hatred. Plus, a video proves a new report about guns in America. Be sure to support the show at Patreon And visit the website ReallyKarel

Be sure to support the show at Patreon And visit the website ReallyKarel

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In a video entitled “Foreclosure Tax Message to My Enemies,” Pastor Manning, whose World Missionary Church in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood is going to be sold at a public foreclosure auction next month because of unpaid debts totaling $1.02 million, lashed out at LGBT homeless youth advocates raising funds to procure the building for use as a shelter space and housing.

So far the Ali Forney Center has raised nearly $130,000 towards their goal of $200,000.

Pastor Manning is notorious for signage at the church with messages such as “Jesus would stone homos” and that all supporters of LGBT people should be cursed with cancer, HIV, madness, and eternal damnation.

[Video: virulently anti-LGBT attack begins right after the 2 minute mark]

Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, said in response to Manning’s statements against the “fags and sodomites” that are trying to take his church, and who won’t succeed until they can “carry babies in their testicles and give birth through their anuses” the following:

“I imagine we are going to hear a lot of ranting and raving from Rev Manning until the auction. And he has good cause to be ranting. The Ali Forney Center has been overwhelmed with support since we announced our bid to site a housing program for LGBT youth, thus far raising $130K, well over $30K a day, in our quest to win his foreclosed building at auction. I have no interest in birthing babies, only in providing safety for New York City’s homeless LGBT youth.”