Life In Segments
Ep. 2.09
#ThisIsWhyWeAreFat, #KarelCast
Dariella Gonitzke

Karel starts the show with Dariella Gonitzke, MS, RD, CDE, CLEC from Eat Freely Nutrition ( about the new FDA Guidelines for what we should eat and how our parents got it completely wrong. Also, should you juice, or use a blender or? And little Missy Ember makes herself known as the latest cast member. Then the Karel Cast takes on music as David Bowie dies. Artists continually are finding it harder to survive as people don’t buy music. Karel reminds people of their first record buying experience to and commands them to listen to more music due to research showing it makes one happier. Kare on Twitter @reallykarel Instagram @therealkarel 

Karel: Life in Segments – Episode 209 from Brandon Riley Miller on Vimeo.