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LIVE Karel Cast Tue Dec 4 Cindy Sheehan Plus LIfe Is Old Disco

OOO and it’s all right and it’s coming on, we’ve gotta get it right back to where we started from…Oh Vicki Sue, Vicki Sue, how true, how true. Plu, Cindy Sheehan joins us on legacies.



Karel Cast Mon Dec 3 WTF Happened On TV, Plus Crazy Vegans

Karel has seen Many things, but the Victoria’s Secret fashion show boggled his mind. Simply boggled. And Karen’s . And everybody’s. WTF? Plus, a test case in UK would ban “bringing home the bacon” and other non vegan friendly things based on violating their human rights. OMG.

Karel Cast Thu Nov 29 We Avoid This At ALL Cost. All of Us.

It’s the one thing we need most, and can’t seem to handle. Anyone. Even me. But here’s some hard words about the biggest issue we face.

Karel Cast Wed Nov 28 Do You Know how To Shop?

We start in the kitchen, go to news of the day, and the news ends back in the kitchen!


Karel Cast Tue Nov 27 Looking Ahead, This Prism is Mandatory

Karel is looking ahead and thinking out loud, and in doing so, finds the only prism that you should use to filter daily events through and shares it with you. Plus, he weaves the headlines in to the discussion

Karel Cast Mon Nov 26 A Thanksgiving Recap

Karel recaps thanksgiving and even has a regret that you may share.

Karel Cast Tue Nov 20 Soup Kitchen!

It’s time to talk turkey and all things in the kitchen.



Karel Cast Mon Nov 19 Time To Turn On Holiday Mode

It’s time to turn off the world and turn on the Holidays and Karel gives you a few good reasons why.

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