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Karel Cast Thu Nov 15 Holidays and Service Animal Rage!

Karel wants to remind you, Holidays are fun. Life can be, as well. And, traveling with a service animal, or pet, or should there be a difference? Listen in to this impassioned show.


Karel Cast Wed Nov 14 Raw Nerve Chuckie

More news has Karel’s nerves raw, and from it, come some deep understandings and truths.

Karel Cast Tue Nov 13 The Very First Thing We Need

It’s become obvious the first thing America needs to survive and it isn’t a new President. It’s beyond that now. Listen.


Karel Cast Thu Nov 8 Two Aftermaths In One, and We’re Numb

The Midterms did not turn out as we hoped, and then another mass shooting. America is divided, mean and armed. Is there hope? Yes, Karel thinks so.

Karel Cast Tue Nov 6 Today We Find Out Who We Are

It’s the day America finds out if it’s still…One America.


Karel Cast Mon Nov 5 Take Care, Giving Care

Steven Cabral is a good son, and a caregiver, And his story may sound like yours. And while Trump creates dystopia, so many of us are coping with the real issues of life. This is one story.


Karel Cast Thu Nov 1 Throw Back, Look Forward

Karel throws back this Thursday but makes an incredible point about the value of Nostalgia. This, with headlines thrown in.


Karel Cast Wed Oct 31 Do You Like Your Space?

Is it about a kitchen or bedroom, or so much more? Do you like your space? Are you happy with your home, city, state, country? Also it’s Halloween and many aren’t celebrating? Why? Because they think they’ll have more. What if you didn’t?


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