AUDIO: Karel Cast Wed Nov 1 Get Smarter, or Get Left Behind

November 1st, the month of my birth. This morning I recorded an hour show that may never be heard, but the point? We all need to be doing things smarter. Like:

1: Smarter about Terror and The President: NYC: Allah Akbar. God is great. Who cares what an insane person shouts, or their reasons. Why do Arabs, Muslims in particular, get the blame for what radicals and crazies do in their name. More Christian Americans kill other Americans every day than any Islamic. Why are we vilifying Arabs so much? Why do we hate them. Because they hate us? They don’t. No more than we hate each other.

2 Smarter about Sexual Harassment

3 Smarter about dogs, and our relationship with animals

4 Smarter about the upcoming time change, as Maine moves to stop theirs.

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