Karel Cast Tue May 1 Mayday Indeed

Mayday can mean distress. It can also mean labor. We should be screaming about boht.It’s May Day and worker’s are rallying, most in the USA don’t care, about much it appears. Except arguing. We’re very good at that. About everything these days. Meanwhile:

Don’t honor a culture by wearing their clothes or you are culturally appropriating:

Meanwhile Catholics are not aware it’s 2018 and #MeToo is all a waste as “Modesty Ponchos” will be given at prom…

And of course, it’s the drug pusher’s fault we’re addicts:
yet synthetics like fentanyl, methadone and street heroin are now killing more than prescription opiods

Gas will be the most it’s been in four years because…no reason

And could this explain most of it all?


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