Karel Cast Wed May 3rd A Felonious Lying Oligarch In Office. And?

Feeling entitled, as Oligarchs and dictators do, the failed Mayor told the discredited journalist on the propaganda network that the President funneled money and lied about it, all in respect to sleeping with a porn star. Keeping it classy America. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and join me at togetherwith.me

The Lies of the President continue unchecked. Congress are cowards;

Apple Watch saves a life, google assistant now works on all devices…how AI is driving me F’ing crazy (lyft yesterday);

17.7 tons of beef recalled…I couldn’t take Home Ec as will gets spa treatments and performing arts schools…which led to me discovering Why my 600 pound life (#OneTonFamily plus #FamilyByTheTon ) shows how our culture has failed.

Over a million downloads…and 100 pounds…and wow….

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