#1 Talk Radio in the Country
#1 Chart Success
#1 TV Show
First Ever host to…
First Openly Gay Signed Artist to…
There’s a lot of history and firsts attached to the multi-faceted entertainer Charles Karel Bouley, aka Karel. He made history at KFI AM 640 Los Angeles, the #1 Talk Station in the Country, with his on-and-off-air partner the late Andrew Howard as the first gay couple in history to host such a show. He then changed California law when Howard died so he, and other gays, could sue for wrongful death. Before talk radio he was busy recording and touring with the likes of Thea Austin, Bronski Beat, Grace Jones in support of his ground-breaking Dance Music (a category he would help lobby successfully to be included in the Grammy Awards) and crafting a one-man-show that would become the wildly popular Karel Stands Up.
And all of that while writing and editing at legacy publications like Billboard, The Advocate, Genre and many others, including being a founding writer at the HuffingtonPost; a column he maintains to this day and two successful books.
Now he’s blazing a trail on television and OTT networks with the groundbreaking “Life In Segments” a show and genre Karel invented in 2014: Reality Talk. Life In Segments is seen on weekly on Free Speech TV, Revry and PlutoTV as well as online at lifeinsegments.com and is a breakout hit entering its fourth season in late 2017.
This is why he’s s a household word to progressives and fans of one-of-a-kind radio, TV and entertainment.
Entering it’s 25th year, The daily Karel Cast follows the tried and true antics of his talk-radio history from KFI AM 640 Los Angeles to KGO AM 810 San Francisco and now beyond. Now in it’s ninth year as a Cast, meaning mixing online, terrestrial, satellite, app—all distribution methods— the show tackles every day life, politics, Pop culture, Pets or just a walk around the block all with Karel’s uniquely entertaining, informative and ever-so-relevant style. The Karel Cast features highly compelling and often controversial information either through insightful monologues or guests on the show; location broadcasts, travel, celebrity, it’s all on the show. Heard internationally the show has its own App, The Karel Cast, available at all app stores and at reallykarel.com
The show is heard by 10’s of thousands a day given the outlets and downloaded over 100k a month from Spreaker and iHeart alone. The TV show is one of the most requested/viewed on the network and all three existing seasons, plus planned season four and five, are on the GLBT format Revry as is podcast and supporting video.
2017 saw Karel’s return to music with the single “Stronger Together” from the 2018 album Too Many People. That video features Karel, Thea Austin, Morgan Mallory and Daniel Charleston and has received network play on Free Speech TV, Revry, PlutoTV and beyond. Karel also released his first comedy album in 2017 with the audio of the TV special “Karel Stands Up V 1.0.” 

Fast-paced, irreverent, no-holds-barred conversations and topics await anyone interviewed by Karel who, as President Jimmy Carter stated on record is, “one of the best interviews ever of my entire public life” and as Wolfe Blitzer announced “is certainly one of the best guests on the network when it comes to being honest and speaking what most are afraid to say.” Karel as guest is even more fun than Karel as host, and as Lawrence O’Donnell once remarked to Karel during a taping of a pilot for O’Donnell, “Karel as guest makes the host’s job easy, just sit back and enjoy the ride, every show become his.”

Karel maintains a hugely dedicated following on the West Coast including San Jose, San Francisco, Cupertino and the Bay Area; Los Angeles, Long Beach and Palm Springs stay on board because of the KFI Days; Seattle, Vancouver and the North West love the show because of the Progressive Ideas and Karel’s history on West Coast Radio; and Midwesterner’s find Karel to be the only GLBT voice in mainstream media making any sense at all outside of Stephanie Miller.

But with the advent of the successful TV show and return to recording, Karel is now enjoying an international fan base; and thanks in part to his many trips to Ireland, this includes a great following in that country as well as 12 other countries, each having thousands of Karel App downloads.
An avid pet lover, an advocate for reducing prescription opiod use, a GLBT icon and HIV advocate, Karel is as passionate about personal causes as his TV, Radio, Music, Stage and print endeavors. He currently lives with his Parson’s Terrier, #EmberTheLBCPup .
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