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The Karel Cast Tue Mar 13 New SoS, Doctors Failing Us Again, Idol Hatred

The Karel Cast:

More of the Obvious: Exercise NOT prescribed, Diet Change NOT being prescribed by doctors…three blood pressure bills will kill you…and why Black barbers are the best.

We have a new secretary of state in the revolving door of DC

American Idol, The Voice, and why I’ve grown to hate talent competitions.

A year later, my iPhone X Review.

Karle Cast Mon Mar 12 Dying Of The Obvious

America, we’re in danger girl, of dying of the obvious. It’s everywhere we look, obvious problems, with obvious solutions and nothing being done. It’s driving you mad, making you sick, and robbing your quality of life. And why? Let’s talk about it today at reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Mon Mar 5 The Oscar (And American) Paradox

Last night was OscarSoPoliticallyCorrect But should the movies make the statement, and not the show? Also, there’s a huge #MeToo Paradox no one is addressing…but Karel does. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show through Patreon.com/karel Remember to watch Karel Weekly on Free Speech TV Life In Segments.

Karel Cast Thu March 1 #3ThenFree and More Corprate Shenanigans

Let’s get started on #3ThenFree by admitting you’re already overwhelmed and take it one box at a time. Then, let’s talk more AT&T Digital Life Shenanigans, as Frontier Communications caves. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show through patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Wed Feb 28 Sessions Right? Plus 3ThenFree

Could Jeff Sessions possibly be right about one thing? What is it? We’ll tell you. Plus Karel shares stories from #3ThenFree and tells you what you need for tomorrow to begin! And Streisand cloned her pets, would you, REALLY? Karen would…would I? Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show at Patreon and GoFund me.

Karel Cast Tue Feb 27 Why Do We Tolerate Social Media?

Streisand does an interview with Daily Variety surrounding the Oscars, and people who have never achieved anything criticize everything about her, especially her politics. Comments are viscous. The news is fake or suspect. People are dying in media streams, literally. So why do we allow it? Listen daily at reallykarel.com Plus #3ThenFree bonus.

Karel Cast Mon Feb 26 It’s Time To End Their Grip

As I sit shaking from another encounter with Frontiers Communications, it’s is painful and obviously clear: The Kids are right. The NRA is a corporate lobby group, it’s corporate power. It’s time we take the power BACK from corporations and tell Congress, and them, we are making the rules. They serve us. Not the other way around. Will We? Plus, We Launch ThreeThenFree today, a way to live better. Tune in at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Thu Feb 22 Work How Many Hours to Live In America?

Once again, the #MathOfAmerica doesn’t add up. It takes how many hours at what salary to live in these cities?? No wonder we’re dying out here. Plus 90 for Life Prep and keep digging your holes, Republicans and Gun Lobbyists. Listen daily at reallykarel.com

90 For Life Prep
Standford is backing me up, ate like pig, lost a pound!

Today, order order order . Yes, spend a little!

InstaPot to save $ OR if $ is OK then
Zojurishi Rice Cooker
Phillips Air Fryer
Cuisinart Pressure Cooker
Food Processor

Agar Agar
Coconut Milk (full Fat)
Coconut Cream
Maple Syrup
Whole Wheat or Spelt Flour
Coconut Oil
Flax Seeds
Sesame Oil and Seeds
Olive Oil
Spices (Mrs Dash, Garlic POWDER, Italian, Herbs De Provence)


Kitchen Scale
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons


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