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It All Starts With Some Clicks…

Charles Karel Bouley

special to

Why don’t I want to click on you? I bought you so I would write more, you vintage keyboard with the cute 1980s click and light up keys whenever I press them. But my inability to press them appears to be depressing me. Why?

Have I nothing to say? Nothing to rant about? I have literally filled books, filled volumes, with my blathering on in print of some kind. I have always turned to writing as a release no matter what I was going through in life; and yet, I’ve completely changed my life, a time when one would think I would be burning up the blogs, and nope, barely written a thing.

I’ve spoken on radio, on TV. But that’s been more mandatory, out of duty or obligation really. That’s obvious by the amount, or lack, of work I put in to the daily and weekly shows. I want them to be so much bigger, but because I don’t see a way to make them that way on my budget and by myself, I just…what? Get defeated?

Is that what this is, what it’s been? Did you quit? Were you defeated in California and retreated to Las Vegas, to hide away and only do what you must?

Or, is that simply fear speaking…because there’s so much of it everywhere these days. Is that self-doubt, because no one believes in themselves these days much, given the state of the world.

Maybe all, maybe some, maybe none. 

So what do I do?

Well, sit and click, that’s the first thing. Write, for the love of God!

And so, here we are. But a writer writes what’s on his mind.

My mind? Winter, cold, grey, aloneness.

Sunshine, blue skies, snow covered mountains and dog running.

Great food, good friends and laughter.

Quiet nights, wondering if I’ll have a special someone to kiss at midnight again some new year’s eve.  Christmas happening whether I like it or not…

Each and every one a topic and yet, many to be left alone. 

For tonight, as Ember barks her way in to a time out in the bathroom, I’ll be grateful that I at least got 400 words to click out of me. And tomorrow, maybe 800 about one of the above topics or something new.

It’s time I sing again. Write again. Tour again. Produce again. Be me, again, new, reinvented. Or actually quit. And that thought makes me angry, so, must not be the right one.

If that’s what I’ve done, it’s over. If that’s what I’ was doing, it’s nipped in the bud. As lovely as it may sometime sound, with all of those around me effected by cancer, death, illness, aging, sickness…I’m not and that has to count for something.

Or else it’s all wasted. And I detest wastefulness.

Ember is out and back on my lap, all kisses. It’s nearly 2200, which is bedtime these days.

But it’s a start.

Karel Cast Wed Jun 13 My Pride Is Not For Sale

Say what you want to Karel, but please, for the love of all things holy, don’t say Happy Pride. Oops, too late. Listen at and watch at

Karel Cast Thu April 19 Trump Truths on Peccolle Ranch Trail

He’s at it again. Karel and EmberDoes_Vegas are out on the Peccolle Ranch trail and he just couldn’t wait to do the show. So, live from a trail in Vegas, Karel lays some Trump Truths on ya, and more. Don’t miss this one of a kind entertainer out in the wild. Listen daily at and

Brick Walls and Toothaches

Brick Walls and Toothaches…

That could be the title of my new Vegas life…because it’s day by day and that’s what today is all about.

So much has changed so quickly, everything, I’m literally a new person in new clothes. A Vegan. 85 pounds lighter. No prescription medications. Managing the sometimes intense back pain with exercise, rest, Tylenol, rest, walking, Ember. And trying to restart a new life because I truly ended life and I knew it California on February 6, 2018, when I sold my family home of 21 years, in a city of over 43, and moved away to a town I never even really liked, Las Vegas.

Yet, here I am. Running in the sun with Ember at Peccole Ranch or Desert Breeze Park. Freezing on the Piaggio MP3 500 but having a blast as we scoot around in the frigid desert air of January, February,

How is this possible? Today I get my Nevada Driver’s License, I register my new Piaggio MP3 for the first time ever, in Nevada, and tomorrow Ember gets a new license. Contractors are working at Maison Bouley, my new condo, I’m sitting in the Lakes at a friend’s house and bam! Toothache.

So, 3pm, off to Desert Inn Smiles and hopeful relief. So grateful I can go.

I was going to go to Daltile and give up on my dream of brick in my new condo until I remembered I’m Karel, and I have a radio and TV show and publicity to offer a company I believe in. I believe in Thin Brick. I think it’s a very cool way to bring stone in to the home, and stone is real, permanent. There’s nothing like stone in a home. Brick. Slate. Marble. It speaks to something primal.

And I wasn’t going to have mine because of $. I’ve gone over budget in so much as the move took more, there were title problems with ridiculous lawyering where I simply walked away from 20k, letting a lawyer that didn’t deserve it get it…lesson learned…lots of Le$$ons Learned. But, I have no debt as of this moment, my condo is paid for, I have the deed. That’s odd, too.

Happiness is odd. So, the universe said, have a toothache. Spend more $ you wanted to save. But I’m happy to go, glad I can. So many times I’d wait until…what? Until the pain just stopped.

Happiness is new. It’s odd. So, have a toothache.

OK. But The DMV First. So, welcome to the closest thing to Hell in Las Vegas. DMV then Dentist. If today goes well, this city will have my heart.

Karel Cast Thu Feb 22 Work How Many Hours to Live In America?

Once again, the #MathOfAmerica doesn’t add up. It takes how many hours at what salary to live in these cities?? No wonder we’re dying out here. Plus 90 for Life Prep and keep digging your holes, Republicans and Gun Lobbyists. Listen daily at

90 For Life Prep
Standford is backing me up, ate like pig, lost a pound!

Today, order order order . Yes, spend a little!

InstaPot to save $ OR if $ is OK then
Zojurishi Rice Cooker
Phillips Air Fryer
Cuisinart Pressure Cooker
Food Processor

Agar Agar
Coconut Milk (full Fat)
Coconut Cream
Maple Syrup
Whole Wheat or Spelt Flour
Coconut Oil
Flax Seeds
Sesame Oil and Seeds
Olive Oil
Spices (Mrs Dash, Garlic POWDER, Italian, Herbs De Provence)


Kitchen Scale
Measuring Cups
Measuring Spoons


Lovely Vegan Spaghetti Lunch with Corn

Start with @Cuisinart #PressureCooker
Cut Spaghetti Squash in half, remove seeds, place on rack in pressure cooker.
Place in ear of corn, one cup water
Cook on high pressure, three minutes then Manually Release Pressure.

In a Skillet
1 tbs Olive Oil.
1/2 Onion
1/2 Orange Pepper
Teaspoon of Garlic
Tsp chili paste,
two on the vine tomoatoes
Basil (lots, as in think you’ve put enough, add more)
Oregano to taste
Bay Leaf (crumbled or remove before serving)
Parsley (fresh, dried, whichever, I use fresh)
Four sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms
two cups marinara of your choice.
Simmer sauce. Then use Evulsion mixer to mince together.
Put Six @Gardein #Vegan #MeatlessMeatballs in to the sauce for five minutes, buried, to cook.
Use @EarthBalance for Ear of Corn.
Entire Meal under 500 calories.

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