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Karel Cast Thu Sep 20 America is in Wash, Rinse, Repeat


It was 1988. Tracy Chapman released an album that touched us all. Yet, the songs, they lyrics are more relevant now than ever. So why haven’t we learned over the last 30 years?



Karel Cast Wed Sep 19 They Want A Coke And Pubic Hair


It appears the Senate wants the details or they are moving ahead with the vote. Screw the FBI and if he tried to screw you, so what. If he were an actor, he’d be fired. But Supreme Court? Plus Bert and Ernie are…

Karel Cast Tue Sep 18 Can You Tell LIes and Be Honest?

Can you tell lies and be honest? Of course, science tells us we all lie every day, but most of you think you’re honest, right? How is that possible? I’ll tell you. Plus, the Emmy recap you needed.


Karel Cast Monday Sept 17 Most Important US Birthday, Plus You Do This


It’s the nation’s most important birthday and you probably don’t even know what it is! Plus, you do this, all the time. Karel tells you why that may not always be right. Listen daily at



Karel Cast Fri Sep 14 Karel Is Hungover And It’s Something

Karel is hungover. We should say, say no more. He should have said no more. But he said a lot.

Karel Cast Thu Sep 13 Wait, What? They Didn’t DIe?

3000 dead people, wait, no they’re not, they’re fake news. WTF? While a hurricane heads towards USA, the seated president says this? Plus, why do people stay, and can you see the goals ahead? Listen daily.

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