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Karel’s Furious Five Tue Jan 15 There is NO Crisis

Say it with me, there is no crisis. What there really is, is…this!


Karel’s Furious Five Jan 14 2019


Karel Cast Fri, Jan 11 Let the Change Begin

On the day Youtube tells Karel he’s too much for monetization, change begins.

The Karel Cast Thu Jan 10 CES OverModulated


The largest electronics show in the world, I go, and my microphone distorts. Oh well, let’s go anyway!

Karel Cast Wed Jan 9 R. Trump? Donald Kelley?

We tolerate a lot of bad behavior. The Black community has tolerated R. Kelly. We tolerate Trump. Why?


Karel Cast Tue Jan 8 Slight Relapse, Bed Wisdom

Karel overdid it his first day at CES so needs a down day today, but he went live from bed with stories from the day previous you won’t want to miss.


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