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Karel Cast Wed Dec 6 Colder Out Than You Think!

The two top stories make Karel need to lay down, so he does, along with you. And what happens next, well, watch and listen. But baby, it’s colder outside than you think!


Karel Cast Wed Dec 5 We Come Not To Praise Caesar

You know, with George HW Bush I realize things aren’t all that new, and that we never change, do we? Listen in for this must hear insight


Karel Cast Monday Dec 10 Filthy Flour In The No Smocking Section

It’s not funny, or is it? Not when you hear the rest of the world talk about it, as Karel has. Also, Movie Monday talks the over-rating of A Star is Born and filthy flour?

Karel Cast Tue Dec 11 How Much of This Do You LIke?

We are missing this most of all right now, plus, a White House showdown today that was just…horrific…

Karel Cast Wed Dec 12 They Shoot Horses Don’t They

Cohen, guilty, serving 36 months for treason? Really? Plus a lump sends Karel off a journey you just have to hear about.

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