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Karel Cast Fri Oct 19 Freedom When Done

THere’s a liberation when you have nothing to lose. America, we have nothing to lose because we’ve already lost it. Can we regain? Do you want to? Let’s talk this Friday.


Karel Cast Thu Oct 18 Take Off The Blinders, We’re Dying

It’s time to fully take off the blinders and look around. Look up from the screen. Look around. Your city probably isn’t that great. Your state is floundering. You don’t like America that much, and you’re not sure about Americans. When you really see it, what’s the conclusion. You won’t like it.


Karel Cast Tue Oct 16 A Sideshow Needing Compassion

Two songs about to get a dusting off remind Karel of two very important issues facing our world, Sideshows and Compassion. So, we talk about both. IN a very unique way.

Karel Cast Mon Oct 15 We are not prepared for our own success

Is your kitchen stocked with all you need to eat healthy? Bet not. And that goes for all areas of modern life. We are not set up for OUR success, but for THEIRS. And we are dying because of it. Time to change that.

Karel Cast Fri Oct 12 What a Week How To Fit It All?

This week was, well, like every other, which is like no other so fitting it all in is nearly impossible. Plus, real suggestions for TBT and FBF and Entertainment news like no other.

Karel Cast Wed Oct 10 Explaining Consent to Men, and What To Do, Really


First, What are we really to do? How long to we keep pretending it isn’t happening and getting worse by the day. Exponentially. And when do we admit what victory really looks like and how far off that is? Plus, how to explain consent to men and Vegan muffins.


Karel Cast Tue Oct 9 A Quiet Show In Uncertain TImes

Karel can’t move because Ember has fallen asleep and he won’t wake her. It’s too pretty in this ugly world. So, he does the show from the couch. But in his quiet, loud things emerge. Listen and support the show daily.

Karel Cast Mon Oct 8 Darkest Days Ahead? Plus 12 Years and We’re done

Saturday was a horrific day, Election are looming but will they be enough. This truly is the darkest time in our history. Plus, 12 years until, well, the beginning of the end? WTF?


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