Karel Cast Thu March 22nd Rainy Days and Thursdays

Relaxing, taking a breath, is daunting. Because you are left alone with you, your thoughts, classical music, chocolate, tea, a puppy, wait, it’s heaven. Plus, Expensive Eating with Vox, 12 foods not to miss, and rainy day songs.

The Karel Cast Wed March 21 Toys, Happiness and You

Toys R Us is gone and we talk to Justin Archbold of Toybox Las Vegas about the state of play in 2018. Also, Jill Gonzales talks happiness and happy cities from WalletHub.com and Karel is day 1 without facebook, how’s it going? Listen daily at reallykarel.com

The Karel Cast Tue March 20 When Is Enough Enough WIth Facebook?

The courage of our convictions, it’s an old saying, and an old problem. Do you have it, really? Would you really give up something you like, love, something that you use because it, say, betrayed your nation? Listen today at all streaming services and at reallykarel.com

Karel Cast Mon March 19 Reading List Monday Prenups to Puke Ups

So, over the weekend, Karel reads. And some of it is too good to keep. So, welcome to Reading List Monday. Today, Affleck’s Tattoo, United and US, Hannibal hits too close and Blue Carter makes Karel Puke. Listen daily at www.reallykarel.com Oh ya, KAREL CLOSED ESCROW TODAY !

The Karel Cast Fri March 16 Foreign Happiness, St. Pat’s and Trump V. Women

I was running through a field this morning, singing, laughing, chasing my dog…that sounds like a movie. It’s now my life. I’ve made my life a movie. And it’s very, very strange. Plus, St. Pat’s is NOW so Celebrate and why I don’t care who Trump is dorking. Listen daily at reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

The Karel Cast Wed Mar 14 Children March, A Brilliant Mind Quiets

A democrat wins in Trump PA, kids walk out all over the USA and the most brilliant man in the Cosmos dies. What a day this Wednesday is, as Karel goes on a rant about United and Pet Owners, and our ability to say NO. Listen daily at www.reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

The Karel Cast Tue Mar 13 New SoS, Doctors Failing Us Again, Idol Hatred

The Karel Cast:

More of the Obvious: Exercise NOT prescribed, Diet Change NOT being prescribed by doctors…three blood pressure bills will kill you…and why Black barbers are the best.

We have a new secretary of state in the revolving door of DC

American Idol, The Voice, and why I’ve grown to hate talent competitions.

A year later, my iPhone X Review.

Karle Cast Mon Mar 12 Dying Of The Obvious

America, we’re in danger girl, of dying of the obvious. It’s everywhere we look, obvious problems, with obvious solutions and nothing being done. It’s driving you mad, making you sick, and robbing your quality of life. And why? Let’s talk about it today at reallykarel.com and support the show at patreon.com/karel

Karel Cast Fri March 9 Spring Forward My A*s

The days will be longer. The nights warmer and more fun. Spring is around the corner, which means summer not far behind. Ah yes, it’s THAT time of year when the clock springs forward. And each year people die because of it, and we won’t stop. Plus, more from Trumptonia and Karel goes to a McDonald’s and loses it. Listen daily at reallykarel.com

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