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It’s here! Karel: #Life In Segments Episode 14-101.

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In This Episode:

14-101 Show Title Sheet

Opening In Dumpster
Karel begins where he’s been in the past, in a dumpster. When homeless, he ate out a McDonald’s dumpster for a week once. He’s there to start talking about the homeless and poor safety net Republicans still tout. Is there one?

OPENING CREDITS & Bradon R. Miller Productions presents Karel: Life In Segments
Because your world is many things
Uncensored, Unfiltered, Unhinged

Karel: Life In Segments
Starring Karel
Produced and Directed by Karel & Brandon R. Miller

Today’s Segments Include Street Talk, PopMotoTV & KGO AM 810 San Francisco

On Location, Long Beach, CA
Karel talks to chronic homeless in the Civic Center of Long Beach, CA to see how they feel about the alleged safety nets for them.

Cheerleaders and Bikers ok? Is there a difference between getting old and being old fashioned?

Segment 4: PopMotoTV
Progressive International Motorcycle Show Guest during segment: Ty van Hooydonk, Motorcycle Industry Council

Life In Segments Starring Karel
Exec. Producers Karel, Brandon R. Miller
A production of & Brandon R. Miller Productions
Filmed on Location in Long Beach, CA

Special Thanks to:
Steve Cabral
Curtis Blevins
Daniel Woltosz
KGO AM 810
Randall Bloomquist
Renee Bakos
Motorcycle Industry Council
Caroline Briggs
Alexander Maness
Brian Pelletier